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As a Master Networker, Sequential New Business Developer and a Deliberate Strategy Business Coach, Jochem believes that every successful person should have a success and accountability coach to guide, advise, transform and change them. The most successful business people and celebrities are all coached to boost and develop their results. Jochem believes that building out a business without a coach, results in a less focused path. Every management or executive member should have a coach to give you valuable insights, new ideas, and new concepts or help you improve your accountability. This will bring you more money than it will cost you.

“The amount of money I have saved through not making big mistakes in my business, far exceeds the amount of money I paid for coaching.” Eric Heldmir, Portugal

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Deliberate strategy business coaching means you have an outcome designed for you through you sessions. There are literally hundreds of business coaches who have done a course and then follow generic steps to try to coach successful business people. Only those who have built successful organizations, can coach you to the extent you are expecting to grow to. Jochem has an intrinsic feel for success and can steer you immediately in the right direction with a minimum waste of time. Jochem takes you from ground zero and rebuilds your business with you. You start with your current business or entity, and then start working the process of changing (transforming) your business. Some businesses change quickly if the person driving the change is an implementer. Those with the ability to implement and drive changes are the most successful coaching students. Why some people fail at being coached:

  • Too emotionally attached to the business they have created
  • Are slow to adopt new ideas that could propel their business into a different category
  • Are not ready to go big
  • Are partnership driven whereby not all partners see the same vision



  • Accountability (your coach holds you accountable to changes required)
  • Fresh perspective (ideas and concepts that you may never have heard or implemented before)
  • Cross spectrum knowledge (coaches coach all types of businesses and get multiple perspectives which you need)
  • Connections (often your coach will know of other businesses you could be doing business with)
  • Results (everyone who has a coach gets results. It’s an active decision to change your outcomes and that decision alone is what helps propel your successes)
  • Deliberate business strategy (Jochem understand how to build a business on a deliberate business strategy. A secret that only the top business people experience)



Jochem Klijn is owner of an investment company with shares in multiple companies. Jochem has years of experience in the management field and finds it important to work on the mindset of business people, combined with a holistic approach. The result is a strongly improved profitability of an organization.



There are different types of coaches who specialize in different areas of business. The range of coaches are wide spread, specializing in areas where they have made massive gains in that specific arena. Coaches who can bring you to the next level without you having to start from scratch. Steps to take while seeking out the right coach:

  • Identify what you need to change in your business. Is it marketing, branding, sales, administration, distribution, networking or just general growth?
  • Make sure they have experienced success in that field. Some people talk the talk but are not walking the walk. Believe it or not, most coaches are broke. They are great at coaching but not great at finding clients.
  • Get some references from their clients or coaching students
  • Be open minded enough to acknowledge you need a coach, before looking for one.
  • Find a coach that is a business person and a coach. This way they are still implementing concepts themselves along the way and gaining new ideas and concepts too.
  • Make sure they have a coach leading them to better, higher and more successful levels. You will be amazed out how many “coaches” actually don’t have anyone coaching them.

Coaching will change your business and change your life. Don’t delay and start seeing results immediately.