The Law of Networking

The book starts with an exploration of what networks. The author will present definitions too self-centered. He calls networking a system of sowing and harvesting. You can only give good networks as you want. This also applies to networking events. Those are only useful if you are paying attention to the other and with clear goals are present.

This requires establishment of genuine interest in others. It requires character: authenticity, pure motives, patience and politeness.

The same communication, attitude and harmony for home networks have also needed. Here the author makes a trip to the family therapy. Some pitfalls are: selfishness, little attention for private, insecurity, greed and important: pride. The next section therefore contains a pride test, after which attention to how your character is formed. The booklet concludes with a number of concrete steps, and knowledge about good listener. The targets group are entrepreneurs, but the book may appeal to a wider audience.